You can use your Maschine as input for Traktor to mix tracks in your set. First you need to setup the audio and secondly syncing the clock of both apps/devices.

This manual is specific for MacOS. For Windows it is almost the same, however you hae to pay attention to the virtual ports.

No cables

In generic the sync is done in the software. No need to plug cables between your devices, which is nice.

Audio output sync

  1. Open Traktor 2
  2. Go to Preferences > Controller Manager, click on Add... below the Device list and choose a new Generic MIDI device
  3. Select Traktor Virtual Output for the In-Port and Out-Port.


  1. When you are done, close the Preferences.
  2. Open Maschine 2
  3. Go to Preferences > Audio > Device
  4. Select in the drop-box Traktor Kontrol S8
  5. In the same window select Routings > Output: Maschine Out 1 L > 1: Master Left, Output: Maschine Out 1 R > 2: Master Right


  1. Close preferences
  2. Test by playing sounds on Maschine as they will be heard via Traktor

Audio input sync (bonus)

  1. Go to Maschine 2 Preferences > Audio > Routings > Output (same screen as previous setting)
  2. Set Maschine In 1 L > 9: Master Left, Maschine IN R > 10: Master Right
  3. In Maschine Sampling all sounds played on Traktor can be sampled!


Master clock sync

  1. Go to TRAKTOR Preferences > MIDI Clock
  2. Enable the option Send MIDI Clock

3. Within the Global Section of the main TRAKTOR window, click on the metronome symbol to view the Master Clock panel
4. In the Master Clock panel, deactivate AUTO and activate MASTER. This will make TRAKTOR's internal clock become the Clock Master

5. In Maschine 2 open Preferences > MIDI
6. Tick the checkbox next to Traktor Virtual Output
7. Set the Mode under Sync to Slave (Receive Clock)

8. Close the Preferences

Start the MIDI Clock Playback

  1. Load or create a Pattern in MASCHINE
  2. Switch to TRAKTOR and click the Play/Pause button in the SEND section of the Master Clock panel to start the MIDI clock.


MASCHINE will now start playing in sync with the TRAKTOR Master Clock. When TRAKTOR is running as Clock Master, you can adjust the tempo globally for both applications in TRAKTOR's Master Clock panel. You may also activate SYNC in your TRAKTOR Decks to sync them to TRAKTOR's Master Clock.

Note: The Sending Offset parameter in TRAKTOR as well as the Clock Offset parameter in MASCHINE can help compensate slight errors that may occur during MIDI Clock sync. Read more about these parameters and how to use them in the TRAKTOR 2 / MASCHINE 2 user manuals.

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